Illuminate Academics

Who we are

Welcome to Illuminate Academics –

The Part-time School with a Full-time Heart!


Illuminate Academics is a small house school in Duluth, Georgia. We exist to provide a meaningful Christian education in a close-knit, homelike setting. By meeting only two half days a week and limiting assignments, our unique hybrid program offers the reassurance of structured academics with the freedom that accompanies a true homeschool experience.

Our students meet in 3 separate multi-age classrooms. 

The Juniors program is for students in the mid to late elementary school years. Our philosophy for our youngest pupils could best be described as “A focused approach to fundamentals.” We want to provide essential lessons in reading, writing, and math in the shortest time possible each day, freeing our youngest students to play, move, read at their own leisure, and learn in natural ways. Students at this level receive classroom instruction in language arts and math as well as home assignments in these subjects. In addition, they enjoy hands-on science and history activities on classroom days.

The Intermediates program is for middle school students in grades 6-8. This class serves an important function as a bridge between a relaxed elementary education and a more traditional high school curriculum. In addition to a full language arts and math program, intermediate students also engage with formal lessons in science and history. Daily assignment loads are still closely monitored to ensure a gentle transition for these emergent scholars.

The Core program is designed for high school students. Our course offerings at this level comprise a basic rotating college prep curriculum. Although the subject matter shifts from year to year with the age and needs of our students, we generally include one course in each of the following disciplines: history or foreign language, English, science, and math. In the 2020/21 academic year, we will be hosting Algebra II (tutor taught), Spanish I (tutor taught), and Conceptual Chemistry. Additionally, for junior and senior level students, we will offer guided dual enrollment English courses via Toccoa Falls College.

Please note, the Spanish I and Algebra II classes will be available on an “a la carte” basis and open to students outside our full time program. For more details, please see our Core class description page.


The Details

 Location & Meeting Times:  

For the 2020/21 academic year, we will be meeting on Tuesdays and Fridays at my home in the Suwanee/Duluth area. In addition, the Spanish I class will be meeting on Wednesday mornings.

9:30-9:45 Drop off

9:45-10:00 Devotions/Opening

10:00-1:30 Regular classroom hours

1:30-2:00 Student pick up

The Illuminate Academics instructional year consists of four 8-week quarters. (32 weeks total). The tentative start date for classes is Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Our tentative end date is Friday, May 14, 2021.

Tuition for Intermediates & Juniors Program: 

$1000 charged in four quarterly payments

Tuition for Core class (high school):

Spanish I: $500 annual tuition

Algebra II: $500 for part-time students, $400 for full-time students

Conceptual Chemistry: $300 (currently available to full-time students)

Guided dual enrollment English: $300 (currently available to full-time students)

(Note, all tuition fees for high school students will also be remitted on a quarterly basis.)

Registration & additional fees:

$100 for the first student in each family, additional $50 per additional student

$80 annual materials fee per student (charged in four quarterly payments with tuition)

Curriculum & Textbooks:

In seeking to provide an excellent education at an affordable price, additional costs for curriculum will be kept to a minimum for our Intermediate and Juniors students. With the purchase of used books whenever possible and shared materials between siblings, family book expenditures are limited to between $100 and $200 per student.

The cost for Core class textbooks will vary depending on the course. For example, this could range from $40 for a used conceptual chemistry book to over $100 for the Teaching Textbooks Algebra II module. As the summer progresses, each instructor will have more information regarding curriculum purchases.

Our Staff

15232303_10153995304031120_3823137601688732546_nHello, my name is Grace Johansen! Although I have classroom experience and am a teacher by trade, I consider homeschooling and raising my own children as my greatest accomplishment. I have had the privilege of doing exactly that for the last 15 years!

Over the years, I often dreamed of bringing the best that homeschool had to offer to a classroom setting, and the launch of Illuminate Academics in the fall of 2017 was my dream come true! It is my joy to serve as the director and also the Core class teacher. Creating authentic, meaningful learning experiences is my passion, and there is no other place I’d rather be and nothing else I’d rather be doing!


Please allow me to introduce Angela Grubbs, my co-director and the instructor for our Intermediates group —

We are so blessed to have our very own writing specialist on staff. With over 15 years of experience teaching writing and grammar at a variety of elementary and middle school levels, Angela Grubbs has been a tremendous asset to our Illuminate community.  The magic she works with reluctant writers is nothing short of remarkable! Here is a bit of the story in her own words…

From a very young age, I saw both of my parents who were hard-working teachers come home daily and talk about their students and their rewarding experiences. I wanted to be a part of the excitement as I would “play school” for many hours.   
Now, years later, I have been given the unique opportunity to teach others. I started as a public and private school teacher for 13 years. Then, I was truly blessed with having my own children.  Although I enjoyed spending time teaching other children in public and private schools, I felt called to direct my passion for teaching towards my own children in their education. This is now my fifth year homeschooling my own three girls. 
Although it has been a rewarding experience teaching my daughters, I have also missed the unique group learning experience that can happen in a class setting. As I have observed the Illuminate program, I have been very impressed with the “classroom feel” with a much more personable approach in a small setting. I am honored to be a part of the Illuminate community and look forward to continuing our educational journey together.